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Mousuni Island, to get at yourself as a whole and the entire entity you must have to visit the most interesting tourist spot named mousuni Island on the sea beaches of the Bay of Bengal. In the locality of Sundarban.


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To the wonder thirst man, this Island has been a new destination to spend with their heart content.
Mousuni Island undoubtedly as yours that she spreads her heart to you welcome everyone who desires to visit her.

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To the people whose minds fly to room on earth’s surface full of wonders and soul feeling Mousuni Island is doubtlessly very attractive tourist stop. If you reach here; you have to make out its charms.

Any day anytime individually or in a group with family or friends or maybe your Love you can reach here.


Mousuni Island Location 

The land piece separated by water bodies for the causes of nature construction is called island and it’s all sides are surrounded by the river(s) or by the sea(s).
Mousuni Island is situated on the most southern end of Namkhana Block, P.S. Freserganj Coastal. It is a part of Sundarban but after deforestation,
all terrible problems have been disappeared and the area and its neighbouring Places are now full of human habitations with all modern advantage.


How to Reach Mousuni Island?

  1.  Get the bus from Kolkata or train from Sealdah for destination Namkhana.
  2. Get off at Namkhana.
  3. From Namkhana take a car for Bagdanga ghat.
  4. Cross the river only for 2 minutes.
  5. From Bagdanga by Totos and engine van within 15 reach the spot.




Reach by Bus or Private car, Esplanade Kolkata

From Kolkata (Esplanade Called Dharmatola) you are to catch the luxury buses or government buses or you can hire a private car for Kolkata (Previously Calcutta) – Bakkhali road. Then gat of at Sasmal Bandh to catch the vehicle for Bagdanga ferry service or gat of at
Namkhana Bridge over Hatania-Doania river south for the vehicles bound to Bagdanga ferry (Ghat) service.
But if you are in your private car, you have to reach directly at Bagdanga Ferry Ghat only for 2 minutes to cross the river Chinai. Then hire a Toto for the place called Salt or Saltgheri.

Or get off from the bus at 7 Mile for Hujjaitghat Ferry Service by Local vehicles to cross the river (Chinai) for 3 minutes, Then the same, hire a Toto and go to the spot. But, with our car, you can reach directly at Ghat more easily.
Or you can get off at 10 Mile for Patibunia Ferry ghat by local passenger cars. Cross the river then the same process. Here you can also go with your cars.
There are a total three (3) ways discuss on above, you can choose your favourite way.


You Can also Reach by Train, From Sealdah (Kolkata) 

You have to catch Sealdah-Namkha local train get off at Namkhana station, the end. Then take a Toto for the Bus stop for 4 to 5 minutes from Namkhana.
Then you have to choose your direction, Buses and private cars are ready for you.
You have to remind that Kolkata-Bakkhali road is within single direction its distance only 130 km. Kolkata to Nankhana 150 km. and Namkhana to Bakkhali
25 km. If you take the train from Sealdah the way up to Namkhana 109 Km. You may ride a motorcycle for day’s outing.
Mousuni island distance from Kolkata is around 120 km.


Mousuni Island Tent

To welcome you tents and Cottages or the mousuni island hotels cost are ready on the Sea Beach. You will get a cordial reception and you will have to fell as easy as free ones.


Mousuni Island Tent Price

If you decide to visit the place, do not fear for the Price. It is budget-friendly. The price is at your capacity.
It is only 1000 -1200 per person, all of the total. I mean with the fare (rent) of Tents, and all meals full day as you wish, and the all of Service.




Mousuni Island Tent Booking 

You may book tents and cottages by searching online or you can contact directly the owner of Tents.

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Tent Facilities

All kinds of needs you feel I have to offer you, undoubtedly best and friendly to provide you with good qualities of food, water, beddings.
The tent boys would ask you what more they do for you!


All of the basic facilities you’ll find hare, all the size of the tent as your need is available here. Good news to you Free Wi-Fi is available here, no problem of the Internet.
Qualities of food really good, no compromise for food, you can take a meal as you wish. Cook is ready for you. Just order it.



What to See in Mousuni island 

Nature charms and the places of interest, – Actually nature in open hand pours all her beauties.
Here, the greenness of mangrove trees, bird’s song, red crabs, Naked sandy sea beach, fresh air will glade you.

The big waves kiss the beach just need to fell the love of nature. Horizon will call you at a long distance on the water bodies, the sea will invite you on its blank and will tell you “see how much beautiful”, oh my friend.

The morning sunrise from the water bodies will call you to arise from sleep. And you will observe evergreen ever young beauty.  At the high tide of water will come to meet you,

and at the low tide water goes back is home at a long distance from the sea-shore. It may be calculated about 1000 metres with little waves. The sound of the waves is really an ear-pleasing sound and also mind-calming.

You have to walk long on the dykes because of being an island. Its fourth site is full beaches. You can go also the JambuDeep white boat with a contact with the local people. I think you should just go. Really it is full lonely Island there is none about you except forester.


You will be known to many kinds of trees, Cultivating fields, daddy and vegetables, village men women and children is collecting the see floating materials and much more just take a look. You can also make a plan about Sagardwip.




You have to visit Bagdanga to see the broken building age of British. The building made for collecting tax.
Because the island’s forests were Deforest to established the locality when lord Frezer was the British administrator.
Frezerganj named according to his name.

Here is another charm in Mousuni the Knakramari Chada, which was previously inaugurated is the second largest in Asia continent by Jyoti Basu, CM of West Bengal.
There is no end to describe Mousuni’s virgin beauties.

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